Tips to Quit Smoking

31 May 2019 Medoozle Staff
Young man breaking cigarette

Many people are not aware of the dangers and the health-risks that come with smoking. In spite of this, the number of people smoking is still quite high. This is because smoking is an addictive habit and changing a habit usually becomes quite hard with time.

Quitting smoking is quite difficult, but not impossible. With a few changes to your lifestyle and the willpower to overcome this life-threatening habit, we discuss some of the ways and methods you can use to quit smoking.

Work on changing your diet

Your diet can dictate, to a certain extent, how likely it will be for you to have a relapse. For example, most people are used to having a smoke with their morning coffee or a smoke when they’re drinking alcohol. If this is the case, it would be wise to cut your caffeine and alcohol intake and instead increase your intake of water and fresh juices.

Essentially, having a healthier diet might help you with cutting down on the food cravings that come with quitting to smoke.

Consider nicotine replacement therapy

If you’re in distress, consider consulting your doctor about a short-term alternative, until you can stop smoking. Nicotine patches and nicotine gum can lessen the intense craving for a cigarette and can be used for a few weeks up to 3 months. Discuss which option is right for you with your doctor.

Identify your triggers

It is more than just nicotine addiction, it is also a psychological addiction - identify your stressors and the environments that compel you to smoke. Anticipate situations where you know you will have the urge to smoke and follow a mindfulness plan to counteract the craving to smoke out of stress.

Get moving!

A study in the Journal of Addiction and Therapy suggested that consistently practicing Tai Chi up to three times a week is a considerably effective means to help people "either stop smoking or reduce their habit."

Physical activities like jogging, running or any other form of exercise, can also help distract you from the compulsion to smoke.


We recommend trying out at least some of the above mentioned tips to quit smoking today. If you relapse, try to identify the reason or the trigger and work your way to a solution instead of spiraling back to old habits.


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