Ways To Support A Friend With Mental Health Issues

10 May 2019 Medoozle Staff
Close-up of people talking about mental health issues while sitting in circle and gesturing.

A recent survey on Khaleej times about mental health found that approximately 7 in 10 people in the UAE would reach out for help from a mental health professional or a loved one if they (or a family member or friend) were struggling with their mental health.

Here are ways in which you can help and encourage a friend positively, with their mental health struggles.

Talk to them about their issues

You can play an important part in your friend’s life by just being there for them and listening when they need to talk about their issues. Sometimes, just being there for someone can help them feel less ashamed and alone. Being patient is key and encouraging your friend to feel hopeful can help them get better or deal with the situation positively.

Encourage your loved one with positive reinforcement to reach out for help

A lot of people struggling with mental health issues may be reluctant to reach out for help, either due to stigma or due to internal distress. You can provide moral support by offering to accompany your friend on their visit to the psychiatrist or psychologist. However, try not to make their decisions for them and take control of their life.

Understand the triggers

Triggers or ticks are events, actions or behaviours that can influence a person’s emotions, making them feel either overwhelmed or extremely uncomfortable, which can lead them to act out in unhealthy ways.

Understanding what might upset or cause your loved one any form of internal distress might be the first step to counteracting their unhealthy coping mechanisms.  

Attend workshops to understand mental wellbeing better

In the UAE, organisations like LightHouse Arabia, hold monthly workshops about the different mental health issues people are facing, ranging from depression to disorders like OCD and PTSD. Attending workshops like these might give you an insight into the mindset of someone with a disorder and how to help them better.

Support a healthy lifestyle

Joining a gym with your friend or a nutrition program can also give them the push they need to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Additionally, joining a support group with like-minded individuals could drive your friend to make better lifestyle choices and decisions.

If you or a friend or family member are in distress, do not hesitate to reach out for help. Head over to Medoozle to find a recommended psychiatrist or psychologist for help.


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